The Process

Chefs say to use only high quality ingredients for the best tasting food and the same can be said for photography.  At 3M Real Shots we use modern digital photography equipment to ensure the best quality photos and videos for our clients.  We use full frame Sony cameras,  DJI Mavic Pro Drones, Theta 360 Cameras, Godex flash and an assortment of filters.  All photos are blended using industry standard Adobe software to produce a high quality, high resolution images fit for any conceivable client use.  Videos are edited with Final Cut software and exported in HD 1080p format for presentation.  Quality equipment along with correct techniques result in a top quality product to showcase your real estate and bring in more potential  buyers.

Another important part of showcasing a property is the property itself.  Good pictures can only go so far so the subject also has to look its best.

In preparing to list your home we want to capture best photos possible in the shortest amount of time. The following list  is an aide that can help to speed up the process and get your listing to market looking it’s best.



  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Rinse dirt from siding and windows
  • Sweep walkways if needed
  • Pick up loose sticks and branches
  • Put toys and bicycles away
  • Store seasonal décor
  • Store garden tools, supplies and hoses
  • Straighten deck furniture

Interior: Living Areas

  • Remove personal items/photos you don’t want photographed
  • Remove all visible clutter (newspapers, magazines, remote controls, video game controllers etc.)
  • Open shades/blinds in a uniform fashion
  • Wash all windows
  • Replace burned out light bulbs (try to keep all bulbs the same color and wattage)
  • Put away all children’s toys
  • Remove or hide trash cans
  • Hide pet dishes/toys/beds/crates
  • Vacuum carpets/sweep hard floors
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Turn off televisions
  • Turn on all lights
  • Don’t be afraid to store moving supplies, excess furniture and decorations in your garage or shed (we don’t need a garage or shed photo nearly as much as we need a well organized living room photo)

Interior: Kitchen and Dining

  • Remove all items from refrigerator door (magnets, photos etc.)
  • Store food in cabinets
  • De-clutter counters, sink and stove
  • Hide small appliances
  • Hide soaps, cleaning items
  • Hide dish towels, sponges
  • Clear sink of dishes
  • Put away draining rack
  • Organize and dust open shelves
  • Straighten/push in dining chairs
  • (Optional) Add centerpiece, candles, vase of flowers

Interior: Bedrooms

  • Make the beds
  • Arrange decorative pillows
  • Put away laundry, shoes etc.
  • Any storage under the bed should be out of sight (wide angle lenses capture everything!)
  • Clear surfaces of clutter

Interior: Bathrooms

  • Clean mirrors and surfaces
  • Hang towels neatly or remove towels
  • Clear counters of all toiletries
  • Clean toilet and close lid
  • Remove all items from tub and shower